Sitting here admiring the view.


Sitting here admiring the view. Sunlight strong and willing to put a shimmer on the world. Closing out the shadows and all they bring.

If today finds you struggling through a few dimly lit corners, fight for the view.
If we must surrender, let it be to the radiance.

Do we ever stop to consider the control we lend to darkness?
We allow it authority to eclipse truth.
It challenges our senses, nothing seems as it really is.
We live unbalanced, unbelieving and undone by the distortion.

What if we flipped the switch?
What if our reality was lit by the dawning of a new perspective?
What if we saw everyday, everything and everyone through vivid, brilliant Light?

If we rely on God as our beacon in the twilight moments, when our hearts and humanity fail us, He will flood our vision with a new panoramic reality.
He has complete command over lies that live in a veil of deceit and distortion.

Trust Him to light your way through.
Permit His love to shield you in the first hours of dusk when doubt finds it’s way in.
He is the Light, the Truth and the Way.

Sit back and admire the view. The SonLight is strong and willing to put a shimmer on your world.
All you have to do is surrender to the Radiance.

1 thought on “Sitting here admiring the view.

  1. Hi Karen, I love your blog. Thank you for sharing! Love you

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