What you see is what you get.

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There are a few chores I can put off without much guilt. It’s weird because they are usually the ones I only have to face a couple times a year. One of those is cleaning the windows. Are you with me here?

I can walk past them day after day, week after week, month after month never realizing I am missing an opportunity to see something differently.  Missing the opportunity to see something with clarity. Missing the opportunity to see something from an entirely new perspective. Maybe even missing a single small thing buried beneath the grime of the daily winds and weather that tend to cover the shiny on the other side.

But let’s be honest here, who wants to stop and clear the way? We’d rather use our hand to rub a small circular smudge in the middle of the pane than spend an hour or two with bucket, squeegee and paper towels to do a thorough job. The kind of job giving us endless viewing pleasure.

Do you ever feel the same nagging feeling when you look at your life? You just long for a little clarity. Could someone please just clear the fog, wipe away the smudges, clean up the splatters? I hear the old saying “what you see is what you get” playing in my head and I wonder if the things I long for might be closer than I ever imagined. There’s just a blur of grime in the way.

Yeah, the cleaning and clearing is a challenging job. I do my best but always seem to step back to find streaks and smears. I am recognizing there is a definite method to allow light unhindered entrance. Those streaks are just annoying reminders I won’t always get it all on the first pass. But the little bit of clarity I glimpse helps me press on.

With each pass I recognize time and technique will be more effective than strength and speed. I have to admit, I don’t like it one bit, but patience produces clarity. Stepping back assessing the job from different vantage points allows me to to make slight adjustments. One pass after another brings every little thing I am looking at into full, bright, clear focus.

The funniest thing is I never even realized how much I was missing. I never realized how I was living, loving, looking through the dullness. So maybe that chore I ignore is worth the time after all.

How about you Sis? What’s blocking your view today? Are you longing for a bit of clarity? Is there a chore you have put off until it just doesn’t make sense to ignore it any longer?

Be encouraged. Because if you are willing to do the work, what you see is what you get. Though the job seems daunting and dread follows you in, the view is worth it all. Take it from a girl who’s enjoying the light and seeing things clearly for the first time in quite awhile. Press on dear girl. Press on.


Dear Father,

We find You when we clear the windows of our hearts. We allow the wind and weather of the world to cloud our view and stand confused by our limited understanding. Help us to remember to stop and take the time to take care of the chores that hinder the clarity of your light. You invite us to come to you when we are stuck wondering which way to turn. But Lord sometimes we come with something still standing between us. Help us to see clearly what needs a bit of care, a bit of cleaning. We know it will be worth the effort it takes because what we see is what we  get. And Father we all need to see more of your light. All my love, amen.


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