Dear World Are You Lost?

Dear World,
I am writing you this letter because I am heartbroken for your loss. Heartbroken for all that’s lost. Lost loves. Lost lives. Lost dreams. Lost hope.

I imagine there’s a bit of despair hanging here in this place. Loss breeds this dark defeat. Some days bodies are just buried by it. Can’t find a way out. Can’t find a way through. Just can’t find a way.

Oh, dear World, do you dwell in the LOST longing to be found? Are you wandering, wondering if recovery could be possible?

Please lean in, right here, and hear this…
Recovery. Requires. Revisiting.
Don’t allow your loss to eclipse memories proclaiming truth. Truth that blazed a path to this very point. It’s what set you free the first time. It’s what made you see the first time. So dear World, don’t take another step forward without the very truth you stood upon to gain perspective the first time.

Remember, this wasn’t truth provided by humanity, but truth learned and earned through humility.

Today you may be at a loss for words.
Could remembering His Words be what saves?

Today you may be at a loss for answers.
Could remembering His answer be what rescues?

Oh, dear World,

If you are lost and longing to be found…
stop leading the way…and give way,

Because He who is the truth and the light longs to show you His way. Again.
You’ve got nothing left to lose.

It’s a new day!



Have you ever walked in my shoes?


Have you ever found yourself walking down the same path? Ever wonder how you got here again?

It seems like the steps are different, the stride is different, even the scenery is different.

Nothing looks the same. It is a unique journey.

Yet somehow, the course leads you to the usual destination. Memory is fresh and bold. You experience this exposed expanse, a field of fear laid open.

You take a risk and venture in the pursuit of truth. You can’t settle on the road that leads to less than what is promised by God.
So you do it. You take the one step.

Steps are constant movement with measurement, the small things that propel us forward.

They are a repeated pattern, a combination of lifting up and putting down. Lifting up our hearts in pure hope and putting down our roots in pure truth.

It may look like uncommon terrain. It may appear you are wandering in a wasteland, with unfamiliar landscape. The road may seem like it’s strewn with obstacles.

So, how do we navigate the course? What compass will give us perfect direction?

Maybe it’s about staying in step.
Maybe it’s about walking in rhythm and harmony with our very present Guide.
Maybe then we can explore the world with daring and confidence.

No map needed because….
He’s planned the trip from the very beginning of time.

Psalm 32:8 ‘”The LORD says, “I will make you wise and show you where to go. I will guide you and watch over you.”‘